Cavaliers, together with many other breeds of animals and exotic creatures are often falsely advertised online in free classified sections. Here are some tips to raise the red flag if you are not certain whether an advertisement is a scam or not.

  • Do your homework and find out what credible breeders charge for puppies. When it comes to our breed, the prices tend to fall within the same ballpark figure and they are not cheap. If you come across an advert that is selling Cavalier puppies for a lot less than the going price, it is a scam.
  • These advertisements tend to over use adjectives to describe the puppies.
  • It is impossible to guarantee the health of any puppy so in adverts where they have the likes of ‘we have a two year health guarantee on all our puppies’ – be careful.
  • There have been instances where there was the exact same advert, word for word, but the advertisers were different. This is a sure sign of a scam.
  • Look for American words such as ‘compound’ instead of garden. Sometimes these false advertisers state that the puppies are even AKA registered (American Kennel Association). This is a sure sign of the advert being a scam.
  • When you contact these scam artists, they often have accents. They will usually ask you where you live first so that they can guarantee that you will not be able to see the puppies. They will email you lots of photographs – all copied off the Internet – or a variety of pictures of puppies that are obviously not from the same litter or home.
  • Check the dates of the advert posts – sometimes ads have been posted months ago and then updated.
  • If there is a cellphone number or email address in the advert, do a Google search of this information. You will often see all the different breeds and exotics that they claim to be selli
  • Sometimes these scam artists will indicate that you only need to pay for the transport of the puppy and nothing els

To avoid being scammed, either contact KUSA to enquire whether they are aware of the breeder or contact the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of the Western Cape.

We know exactly who the reputable South African breeders are.